Management Team

DAMAMAX is managed by a group of veterans from the telecommunications industry in Jordan and abroad, armed with a combined experience of 100 years. The company’s senior management team have all proven critical in their previous posts, and bring together a wealth of expertise to ensure the future success of DAMAMAX.

Chairman’s Message

As I reflect on the last few years, I can confidently say that we have all experienced firsthand just how quickly our lives can be altered. The internet became our lifeline and the digitization of our lives proved to be more imminent than ever. At the core of DAMAMAX is a commitment to innovation. We began our journey back in 2008 as a wholesale telecommunications provider and grew into the first retail provider of internet fiber in Jordan. That journey is only a testament to our drive to put Jordan on the map and claim our space at the forefront of modern technological advances. We’re doing that by honing in on what the basic requirements of our lives are: speed, capacity, reliability, efficiency, and security. This is what DAMAMAX offers best because I firmly believe that a better world is a more connected world. In the simplest of terms, all that DAMAMAX is doing is improving and changing how people live their lives, how businesses operate and how the world connects.

Michael Dagher

Chairman & Founder

Since 1992, Dagher managed and enabled new investment opportunities in the telecom sector throughout the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), creating Umniah Mobile Company in Jordan in cooperation with regional institutional financial investors, serving on the Board of Directors of Orascom Telecom Holding, serving  as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fastlink / Zain, Jordan’s pioneering mobile operator, and furthermore, managing the Motorola business as Vice President of Motorola Investment Division covering Europe, Africa and Middle East region. Michael Dagher holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Michigan in the United States.

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Sharif Ali

Finance Director

A seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in accounting and finance. Ali joined DAMAMAX as Finance Director in 2009, and currently heads the company’s Financial Department and oversees a number of activities including budgeting, forecasting, expense and cash-flow monitoring and procurement, helping  to further position DAMAMAX as a leader in its market. Prior to joining DAMAMAX, Ali held the position of Finance Manager at Al-Anbat Contracting Company and Al-Anbat Telecom & Technology Company where he was responsible for budgeting, cash-flow monitoring and controlling, in addition to preparing consolidated financials, among other tasks. He also served as an AP Accountant at Umniah Mobile Company, and as an Accountant at Jordan Bromine Company, overseeing the different tasks and ensuring the smooth running of both companies’ finance departments. Sharif Ali received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Yarmouk University, and has since received several professional trainings and certifications.

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Ola El Shareef

Legal Director

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Jordan, LLM in International Commercial Law from Kingston University in the UK and over 15 years of experience as a certified lawyer and legal counsel, Ola El Shareef joined DAMAMAX as a Legal Director in 2014. Despite   her young age, she has proven herself as a successful and reliable lawyer and legal counsel.  As part of her responsibilities, El Shareef manages the legal matters related to DAMAMAX ensuring that they are duly addressed by providing legal consultation and advising on legal aspects of the operations, services, campaigns, transactions and projects, assisting DAMAMAX growth in a safe and sustainable business environment.   In addition to her robust qualifications and skills as a lawyer and legal counsel, Ola El Shareef has a strong personality with very good negotiation and analytical skills that help in solving issues and settling various disputes amicably.

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Eyas Yamzash

Technical Director

Eyas Yamzash has been the Technical Director at DAMAMAX since 2015. He leads a team responsible for network planning, design and operations. He works on developing the company’s product strategy by cooperating with the marketing and sales team. Additionally, he is responsible for  monitoring   the company’s KPIs and the development of tools and processes that improve the quality and reliability of DAMAMAXs services. Prior to joining DAMAMAX, Eyas was a Senior Data Network Engineer for Orange Jordan where he was responsible for the company’s data engineering plans and design. Eyas Yamzash holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

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Hazem Masarweh

Retail Sales & Projects Director

Hazem Masarweh assumed the role of DAMAMAX’s Retail Sales & Projects Director since 2015. Masarweh holds a degree in Business Administration, with more than 20 years of management experience; the majority of which is within the telecom industry. He served as a Media Leader  at Orange-Jordan, Branding & Media Manager at Umniah Mobile Company, and Marketing & Communications Manager at Zain Jordan. Over the years, Masarweh has gained great experience in leading commercial communication direction, including, but not limited to, sales strategy, branding, commercial and corporate communication. Additionally, Masarweh supervises all tasks related to civil works planning, strategies, management, cost control, and network expansion at DAMAMAX.

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Wajdi Emsaytif

IT Director

Armed with more than 17 years of extensive experience in the IT sector, Wajdi Emsaytif became an integral part of the DAMAMAX team as its IT and Billing system Director in 2009. He heads a team of IT professionals, oversees the development and implementation  of policies and procedures related to electronic data processing, and manages the company’s computer and telecommunications software, networks, and billing and information systems. Prior to joining the company, and between the years 2000 and 2009, Emsaytif assumed several key positions at Orange Jordan and Wanadoo, where he served as Billing Section Head and IT Section Head respectively. Wajdi Emsaytif obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Applied Science University, and has since attained several IT and Management certifications.

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Mohammad El-Far

Enterprise Sales Director

With over 23 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Mohammad El-Far joined DAMAMAX as VIP Corporate Sales Manager in 2010. Prior to joining DAMAMAX, El-Far held the position of Assistant Sales Manager at Orange Jordan, where he was responsible for the management  of strategic customers’ accounts. He also served as an Account Manager at Wanadoo Jordan. Mohammad El-Far obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and has since received several professional trainings and courses related to sales, marketing, and management.

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Tareq ElAmleh

Customer Care & Technical Support Director

Tareq ElAmleh Joined DAMAMAX in 2022 as Customer Care & Technical Support Director, Tareq brings with him 10 years of experience in customer care and technical support division which he leads a team responsible for handling commercial and technical customers inquiries, sales support, social media planning and  work flow process. He works on developing the company’s customers strategy by cooperating with related teams in order to grantee our customer satisfaction. Prior to joining DAMAMAX, Tareq held Customer Care operation Manager position at Zain Jordan where he was responsible for the operation at their Customer care department. Tareq ElAmleh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from The University Of Jordan.

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